What we offer

Excellence Is Our Commitment

What we offer

Campu Securities offers the following services:

Corporate Finance & Advisory

  • Underwriting of issuers in Initial Public Offering and capital raising exercise
  • Advising and restructuring potential companies for floatation exercise
  • Structuring and implementing capital raising of new Equity
  • Identifying potential merger partners and take-over candidates for clients
  • Undertaking feasibility studies, project evaluation and valuation of securities and assets
  • Providing independent evaluation on Corporate Transactions
  • Advising on corporate restructuring including:
    1. Streamlining of corporate structures
    2. Restructuring of a company's debt
    3. Injection of new assets to revitalize a company

Securities Brokerage Business

  • Assisting investors to participate in Initial Public Offering exercise
  • Assisting investors in opening securities trading account
  • Have experienced and qualified dealers to handle securities trading activity
  • Full qualified brokerage services with Çampu Securities leading IT infrastructure
  • Wide network of brokerage subsidiaries in Malaysia, Hong Kong and Cambodia